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Website reserves right to introduce changes in Privacy Policy.

Every client of website  and user of content belonging to website is obliged to comply with current Privacy Policy.

No changes in Privacy Policy will influence rule that website is not selling or giving access to personal information of clients or users. By subscribing magazines from, purchasing products or services offered by  you are agreeing to Privacy Policy.

Personal information

While using our services you can be asked to give your personal information by filling in a form or in other way. Information you may be asked for will be in most cases name and e-mail address. We require only those information, which are necessary for our site to work properly. Not giving your personal information can prevent you from proceeding further on

Subscribing free magazines

Subscription of online magazines belonging to requires you to give your name and e-mail address. Filling in those two fields is obligatory. Acquired in that way data are added to e-mail list of e-zin. Giving e-mail address is necessary in order to receive magazine issue. Giving name allow our site to address user by his or her name.

Unannounced messages site reserves right to send unannounced messages to users who accepted Privacy Policy. For term unannounced messages we mean information related to our services, products, magazines (for example promotions), non-commercial messages (wishes, comments) and commercial information, which are sponsored by clients of Entities assigning commercial messages do not have access to personal information of users of Length of a commercial messag is limited, it is filtered and sent occasionally.

Public personal information

Personal information that are displayed due to commenting or posting on forum on are available for everyone who visits the page on which those information are displayed. Site does not have possibility of protecting users from companies or private people, who will use public personal information in unspecified purpose. Therefore those information are not subject of Privacy Policy.

Other forms

Forms that do not belong to, but nevertheless are placed on our site are not subject od Privacy Policy.


Some areas of use cookies, small text files sent to users’ computer in order to identify in a way required to simplify or discontinue certain process. Cookies are not harmful for your computer, user and his data. Cookies work on condition that internet browser accept them and does not remove them from hard disk.


Companies and sites, whose contact information appears on our site or in out magazines are not subject of Privacy Policy.

Exclusion of liability

Opinions expressed by forum community, in comments or in any other way on not always are in accordance with our opinion. and its owners do not take responsibility for commercials placed on this site. Client should be cautious when responding to a commercial or sending money.